I was thinking of doing a series of posts on MWM about my weekly favourites, with this product to kick us off. But then I realised that I have used this product every day since before the beginning of 2018, so it’s more like a longstanding obsession than a weekly favourite. 

I am a sucker for a new tanning product and can safely say I’ve dabbled in most self tan brands. It’s rare that I’m completely wow-ed by a tanning product, though; in fact, I’m usually left loving some aspects, but feeling like there’s room for improvement with others (usually the smell or staying power – why do all the tans with the best colours fade so quickly?!).

Self tanning is so subjective and therefore very difficult to get right. Different people want different things – a gradual healthy glow, a shimmery instant job or a full-on Essex “darker than dark”. I used to prefer the latter, and would regularly have a date with myself at the end of the week to marinate in ultra dark mousse – much to the delight of my white sheets.

Recently, though, I’ve been favouring more of a constant, healthy glow that makes me look alive and well all the time. It beats having an unstable relationship with extremely dark formulas that make me look kind-of-alive-but-orange on weekends and patchy the rest of the time. This is especially true for my face.

Enter The Face Illuminating Self Tan Drops by Tan Luxe. It’s like the product I never knew I needed so badly. I’m kind of jealous that I didn’t think of it first. In fact, the company’s whole “tanifesto” is genius – it’s about time a brand came along and revolutionised the self tanning game with exciting new products that are actually convenient and foolproof.

So what is it?

These self tan drops are essentially a serum that mixes with your usual moisturiser to give a glowing complexion with no streaks, no clogged pores and no dryness. The ‘no clogged pores’ part is a total winner for me, because I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for a facial self tan that doesn’t break me out. I’ve had problem skin for years and had no issues with this product. I even used it whilst I was on Roaccutane and it didn’t cause any redness or irritation.

How is it used?

I mix about 3-4 drops with whichever night moisturiser I’m using. You can use it in the morning, but I prefer to use it at night and wake up with a subtle glow. It is subtle, for sure, but it’s not that annoying subtle where you may as well have rubbed overpriced water into your skin. When used every night, it’s enough to build up a believable tan. If you’re not a fan of wearing lots of makeup daily but want to have some colour on your face, this is your guy. I’ve even gone without foundation some days when I’ve felt particularly glowy, because aside from the healthy glow, this has a way of making my red acne marks look far less angry!

Now on to the smell (because is a self tan review really a self tan review without a sniff assessment) – I would call it… pleasant. It’s vaguely fruity (perhaps that’s the Raspberry Seed Oil in it), but not offensively so. I can’t stand overly sweet scents in facial products, but this one has just enough of a scent to mask that biscuity tan smell without being overpowering. The smell becomes very subtle anyway once your own moisturiser gets involved.

At £35, the price tag can be a little eye-watering when you see the size of the bottle. But don’t be fooled, one bottle has lasted me months, despite using around 4 drops every evening. The beauty of this product is that it’s totally bespoke – if you want it to last forever, or you don’t like the smell, or you only want a very subtle glow, you simply use fewer drops. The fact that it works in synergy with your existing skincare makes the whole process so simple and fuss-free.

These drops have now become such a crucial part of my bedtime routine that I feel like I can’t not repurchase them as soon as they run out. I’m also thinking it would be rude not to try every single other product that Tan Luxe has released, for research purposes obviously.


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