I’ve always been a night owl. Instead of getting up super early and catching the worm, I would usually rather catch every last second of snooze.

As a result, my morning makeup routine is all over the shop. Better yet, sometimes it doesn’t exist at all, and I end up blessing the population of London with my just-woken-up mug until I have time to pop some makeup on at lunch.

At the beginning of 2018, however, I told myself I would make some small changes to my morning routine to make for an easier, more relaxed morning. Feeling stressed and rushed before work is never wise, and – dare I say it – is rarely worth the extra half an hour in bed.

Some of those small changes have worked a treat – especially guilt-tripping myself into getting up early some mornings to blog. Writing or doing photography before work switches my brain on and is surprisingly therapeutic. It also leaves me feeling like I’ve achieved something before I even get to work, which does wonders for the mindset. Morning gym go-ers can probably relate – you guys are entitled to an even greater feeling of inner smug (and I will join you one day, but… baby steps).

On mornings I don’t blog, though, I seem to dedicate any extra time I have to making more elaborate breakfasts, as opposed to doing my makeup well. Morning priorities = sleep or feed, there’s no in-between.

I do feel better when I’ve got a bit of makeup on though. It’s not so much a confidence thing (my skin isn’t perfect, but I’m so happy with how much it has cleared up on Roaccutane that I don’t mind not wearing makeup some days). It’s more that if I look more awake and glowy, I seem to feel more awake and glowy too.

I’ve therefore developed a little 10 minute morning makeup routine that I’m happy with (for now), to ensure that I’ve got just enough on, but have sufficient time to make my scrambled eggs – win win.



1. Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser – I am like a broken record with this thing. I rave about it all the time, far too much, and pretty much recommend it to everyone I meet. It’s my ultimate pick-me-up base, which can be applied in seconds using just your fingers (and sometimes a damp sponge to blend). The illuminating properties perk up even my most hungover / exhausted complexions, and there is just enough coverage to make it sufficient on its own as a base.

2. Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector – a dark circle saviour. Thanks to its peachy tones, this does an honourable job at concealing the blue/purple tones underneath my eyes. It takes a bit of practice to apply this correctly without it moving, but patting with a finger or using a damp sponge usually does the trick.

3. Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer [pictured] / Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer – I’m alternating between these two concealers at the moment. The Bourjois one is super brightening, but tends to crease, so it needs a good setting powder. I think I prefer the Revolution concealer, which is dubbed as a dupe for Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer and is a total steal at just £4. For that reason, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get hold of in the most popular shades, but keep an eye out incase you happen to stumble upon a rare, fully stocked Superdrug. My only criticism – it runs out suspiciously quickly. To be honest I’m not sure they even fill up the tube. But then again, for £4, can we really complain?

4. Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow blush – THIS. This product is part of me, it’s embedded in my soul. I wear it every day and never want to be without it. Despite being a cream product, it applies seamlessly over both liquids and powders and gives a fresh, rosey flush to the cheeks. Cult Beauty claims that it will make you look like you’ve “just enjoyed a thrilling game of kiss-chase”. I’m not sure I can remember my last thrilling game of kiss-chase, but you know what, I am inclined to agree. 

5. Diego Dalla Palma Ciglione Lash Booster mascara – I have to admit, I’m not that picky with mascaras. I have a few that I like, but I’m always open to switching brands and trying out the newbies. This one was actually a freebie in a Marks & Spencer advent calendar that my dad panic-bought before Christmas (he actually nailed it – it turned out to be a gold mine filled with full sized products). Due to the shape of the brush, this captures all of your lashes in one go and thickens them nicely. It’s not waterproof though, which is an issue for me since going on Roaccutane (my eyes are constantly streaming, it’s a great look).

6. By Terry Baume de Rose lip care – call me a cliche, but I am a sucker for anything “rose”. I can’t help it. I love it in my skincare, I love it in my makeup, and I especially love it in my vases. This lip balm is pricey (£39), but listen, it contains real rose flower wax and pastel oil so it must be good (I don’t know what those are either). On a serious note, this balm has been my trusty sidekick during my course of Roaccutane due to its healing and SPF properties. I only really apply it in the day if I’m feeling particularly boujee; otherwise, it’s great to use overnight as a lip mask during the winter.

Maybe you’re a total boss at morning make-up, but if you’re in the market for a few recommendations, I hope these help. Let me know if you have any for me!


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