Skin & Tonic is a brand that only recently came on to my radar. I was given their Rose Face Mist as a present last Christmas, and my first thought was what a bloody great brand name. Even as someone who despises Gin & Tonics (despite many attempts to try and become one of the cool kids who drink them), I can appreciate a great play on words when I see one.

In true brand-stalker style, my next move was to turn to Google and try to discover their story. What I found was so refreshing: essentially, they’re a less is more skincare brand, who focus on just 7 (or less) ingredients per product. This means we can all understand what we’re putting on our skin and why, and those of us with sensitive skin shouldn’t have any problems.

Everything is natural, organic and sustainable, and each product is packed full of nutrients, anti-oxidants and omegas that act as antibacterials and anti-inflammatories and help promote cellular growth. Supporting Skin & Tonic also means supporting local producers and farmers, Fair Trade women’s co-operatives, cruelty-free skincare and our lovely planet Earth (to name just a few good reasons).

Sarah Hancock, the Founder, started Skin & Tonic after being diagnosed with endometriosis. She couldn’t find any skincare products that were completely free from synthetics and preservatives, so she quit her job, retrained in essential oil science and skincare formulation, and experimented with natural formulas in her own kitchen.

Since kindly being sent some of the Skin & Tonic bestsellers to try, I feel like my skin has been living the dream. Every product feels and smells like heaven; so much so that you can trick yourself into thinking you’re at the spa each time you use them.

That is especially the case for their face masks.

Skin & Tonic have three different masks; the Detox Mask (with Matcha Green Tea and Green Clay to help fight free radicals and unclog pores), the Gentle Scrub (which can be used as an exfoliator or as a nourishing mask if mixed with yoghurt or honey) and the Coco Mask (with Coconut Milk Powder, Aloe Vera and Kaolin Clay to detoxify and moisturise).

I have to admit, when I realised that the masks came as powders that needed to be mixed with water and/or yoghurt or honey, my first thoughts were: do I really have time for this? and MESS IMMINENT.

However, I soon realised that there’s something very therapeutic about sitting down to mix up your own face mask, and giving yourself some actual “me” time whilst it gets to work on your skin. Skin & Tonic’s masks feel so indulgent and calming that I now want to make time to use them again. And plus, the powder formulas mean that they stay fresh – and last – for longer.

You can watch me apply the Gentle Scrub as a mask on my Instagram here.

Masks are excellent for skin prep, as they can target the specific problems that you face with your skin and help to create a smooth canvas for makeup. My favourite way to follow a mask has always been a face oil (usually Rosehip – there’s that rose obsession again…) because oils are great at adding a concentrated boost of hydration before foundation.

Enter Skin & Tonic’s Brit Beauty Oil, which helps to heal, refine, hydrate and soothe my Roaccutane-induced PARCHED skin.

This oil contains Rosehip (#bae), Apricot and Pumpkin, which are all packed full of Vitamins A, C & E and Omegas 3 & 6. I wish I could give you a smell sample of it through the screen – despite being completely unscented (i.e. no essential oils), it smells so good that I think there’s a real danger I could go overboard and apply far too much, far too regularly. You might as well be having a facial every time you apply it. In fact, if you take your time to massage this in to the skin, you basically are giving yourself a facial. Divine!

I haven’t been using this oil long enough to comment on whether it has helped to fade any acne scars (unfortunately this process can take months), but it does reduce redness and plump my skin, as well as providing a hydrating base for my makeup. And, crucially, it hasn’t broken me out (my biggest fear when trying new oils!)

Who’s tried Skin & Tonic? What are your favourite masks and face oils? Do you buy from sustainable skincare brands?


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