Suicide Squad’s “The Joker” Makeup 

I know, I know, who hasn’t done a Suicide Squad makeup tutorial since the film’s release earlier this year? I’m sorry, but I JUST couldn’t help myself. The urge to cover my eyebrows, draw on some tattoos and spray paint my hair bright green was simply too strong. I didn’t think my hair was long enough to warrant a Harley Quinn tutorial (dip-dyed bunches don’t really work when you have a long bob), so I decided to recreate Jared Leto’s Joker. And it was SUCH FUN. Especially the green hair part. I experimented with using white hairspray before the green in the hope that it would act as a “hair primer” and make the green stand out – and it certainly did! I do love a nifty little tip like that.

This was also my YouTube debut! So, instead of explaining the process with words I will refer you to the video tutorial (much easier to follow!)…

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Happy Halloween!